• Starting Lights

    Fixed FIA/FIM systems. CIK-FIA units and rental line to covert every customer’s needs.

  • Safety Electronic Flags

    Trackside marshal’s lights for Top grade tracks to karting.

  • MotorSport Scoreboards

    Scoreboards and Positions Towers for any kind of motorsport activity.

  • Race Control

    Light Signalling Race Control Software Centralized control for all starting, pit and safety lights.

Experts in track light signalling.

Electronics for Motorsports Facilities

  • Track Light Signaling. Starting and safety Lights
  • Board Displays
  • Scoreboards
  • Software /Apps

Pixel Motorsport offers a wide range of solutions for permanent tracks or mobile installations. Adopting Led technology and powerful communication systems, many products are offered for customers from small karting tracks to big top racing facilities.

Official suppliers of lighting system