Race Control Software

Powerful and easy-to-use software that performs all light signaling operations required on the track. Starting lights, electronic marshaling and board displays can be controlled by only one person at the race control room. The Race Director or the Clerk of the Course can perform actions as “Red flag” by only one click.

This Lights Control Software adapts to any track and even to different track variants and setups, by creating and using as many track profiles as needed. In each profile a different subset of marshal lights can be used depending on turns and even different starting and pit out lights.

Sectors can be defined by grouping different marshal lights in specific parts of the track.

All performed actions are logged including timestamp information synchronized with video recording system to be able to check any incident looking to get the best reaction performance.

Moreover, this lights control software can be remotely controlled by third party Complete Race control software or even can be controlled by MyLaps Orbits software to set general full track status.

Race Control Software